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Dental Offices Re-entry during COVID-19 is our topic of discussion this weekend on Northeast Delta Dental Radio.  Dr. Mitch Couret will join us to talk about how things were done in dental offices prior to COVID-19 with regards to processes and protocols.  As of May 11 (New Hampshire), dental practices were able to resume services and open back up to see patients with new processes and protocols.  We will discuss what it looks like today at the dental office and future projections.  Please join us for this informative program on what you might expect on your next dental visit.

Joe Gleason joins us on this weekend’s program to talk with us about the Capitol Center for the Arts and their re-opening plans.  Around July 1, the Capitol Center for the Arts will resume following COVID-19 guidance on social distancing and reduced capacity.  A limited outdoor concert series will begin a the Fletcher-Memorial Park on Fayette Street featuring local performers.  Indoor shows will begin first at the Bank of NH Stage.  Paid livestream will be available for shows in both venues.  Please visit the Capitol Center for the Arts on the web for up-to-date program and event schedules:  https://ccanh.com/

Steve Coppola joins us on this weekend’s broadcast for a conversation about Physical Therapy and COVID-19.  In this program, we will learn about physical therapy, how physical therapists are dealing with COVID-19 in their practice, and “at home” vs. “in home” physical therapy.  Join us to learn more!

Myra Nikitas with the New Hampshire Dental Hygienist Association joins us on this weekend’s broadcast to talk about Hygiene in New Hampshire.  Please join us to learn about the hygienist profession and the work they are doing here in New Hampshire.

Our guest this weekend is Jack Savage with the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.  Our conversation will include the status of the Society during the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home order – what reservations are open and how to enjoy the many trails that are available for exploration.  We will also talk about the Merrimack River documentary film that will premier July 23 on NH Public Broadcasting at 8 PM.  Please join us on the radio and on the trails.  https://forestsociety.org/

Dr. Deborah Osgood joins us this weekend on Northeast Delta Dental Radio to talk about Small Business Crisis Management during COVID-19.  We will look at issues that small businesses are facing during the crisis, opportunities for businesses to innovate and change processes, as well as some tips, tools, and resources to help during COVID-19.  Join us on the radio!

During this time of COVID-19, road races across the region have been canceled or suspended.  Joe Kasper joins us this weekend to share about Virtual Road Races and how you can join in the sport.  We will also discuss how Northeast Delta Dental has been handling the pandemic.  Please join us on the radio and on the virtual race course.

Dr. Joe Errante joins us on this weekend’s broadcast to share what ‘Visiting the Dentist’ will be like as dental offices begin to open up from being closed as a result of COVID-19.  Changes you may see at your dental visit might be screening questions being asked prior to your appointment; social distancing by remaining in your car once you arrive at the dental office until they are ready to see you; staff protective gowns and face shields; and your temperature being taken or they asking you if you have been feeling feverish.  Oral health is an important component of your overall health, it is important to continue to visit the dentist for regular oral health checkups.  Please join us for this informative topic on Visiting the Dentist.

Leslie Nolan, Executive Director of the Village is our guest on this weekend’s broadcast to talk with us about the Canterbury Shaker Village.  Leslie will discuss the history, mission / vision, exciting new initiatives, several new program offerings, and a few facility improvements.  The Canterbury Shaker Village invites you to come spend a few hours enjoying a hike along their many trails or participating in one or more of their workshops, seminars, or programs.  Events listings and information:  http://www.shakers.org/

Jim Doremus is our guest this weekend to talk with us about the Concord Family YMCA.  The COVID-19 outbreak has affected the programs and services of the YMCA.  Jim will cover these topics as they relate to the Y and its operations:  Our response to the crisis, community support, and preparing for the new normal.  Join us this weekend to learn about the YMCA and visit them on the web:  http://concordymca.org/

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