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Jen McGrath joins us on this weekend’s broadcast to share about the Northeast Delta Dental Foundation.  Our discussion will cover the history of the Northeast Delta Dental Foundation, the mission, types of organizations the Foundation supports, application process, and the review process.  We will also share some of the 2019 giving as well as the COVID-19 response.  Please join us to learn about the Northeast Delta Dental Foundation.  https://www.nedelta.com/Foundation

Mike Culver, Executive Director of the Wright Museum of World War II joins us this weekend to talk about the 2020 season and two special exhibits that are happening this season.  Due to COVID-19, the museum opened on June 22nd instead of their usual opening on May 1.  The two special feature exhibits are the ‘Vietnam: The Real War’ on display through September 27th and ‘Memories of World War II’ on display from October 4 – 31.  We will also discuss several of the major enhancements to the museum in the galleries, library, archives, and the new Education Center.  Please join us on the radio and take a road trip to Wolfeboro, NH to visit the museum!  https://www.wrightmuseum.org/

Peter Francese and Lorraine Merrill join us on this weekend’s broadcast to discuss the book Communities & Consequences.  The book and film project is about ways we can make our towns and cities to be the kind of places where young people and families want to live and work as well as to be attractive to older people.  Please join us for this informative review of Communities & Consequences.

We feature an update from the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire on this weekend’s show.  Jeff Rapsis, Executive Director of the museum joins us to talk about the museum and how they have modified their exhibits and attractions for COVID-19 guidelines.  The museum features historic artifacts, archives, and exhibits about aviation in New Hampshire.  Several exhibits that are currently running are ‘Air-mail stamps and aviation related first day covers’, ‘Pre-digital calculators from Northeast Airlines’, and their flight simulator is running ”Around the World Flight Adventure” that began on May 1 and will conclude this weekend, on August 15th when the virtual flight returns to Manchester.  Join us to learn more about the museum and visit them on the web: https://www.nhahs.org/

Dr. Joe Errante is our guest this weekend on Northeast Delta Dental Radio to talk about ‘Visiting the Dentist – What Should I Expect?’.  Dr. Joe will share with us about new things you might see, encounter, and do when visiting the dentist during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our conversation will also include the topic of Tele-Dentistry.  Please join us on the radio or download the podcast.

Jeremy Woodward joins us on this weekend’s show to talk about the Harlem Wizards game that will be coming in the fall and the Delta Dental New England Half Marathon.  For the marathon, this is the fifth year for the event and proceeds benefit Tedy’s Team.  Due to COVID-19, the marathon event is both in-person and virtual.  Please join us to learn more about these two exciting events!

Take a step back in time and enjoy some History of Dentistry in the USA!  Dr. Richard Berryman joins us to talk about dental history on this weekend’s broadcast.  Here are a few historical tidbits that will be shared…. 1723 – Pierre Fouchard, French surgeon – Father of Modern Dentistry – identified tooth decay by acid from sugars.  1841 – Alabama is the 1st state to pass a Dental Practice Act and license dentists.  1859 – American Dental Association formed.  1905 – Novocain, 1st anesthetic.  1950 – 1st fluoride toothpaste.  Please join us to learn more….

Craig Peterson joins us for a ‘Tech Talk’ on working safely from home during COVID-19.  In addition to providing us with some practical PC safety and security tips, Craig will discuss online collaboration tools and will talk about some the pros and cons of each of the major products, which include Cisco WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and GoToMeeting.  Join us on the radio and on the web at https://craigpeterson.com/

Russ Conte joins us this weekend to talk about the 5th Annual Halias Campus Safety Symposium set to take place August 10 – 12, 2020.  The theme of this year’s event is to ‘Focus on Mental Health Challenges of College Campuses’.  Due to COVID-19, this event will be featured in three webinars that will cover meeting students’ counseling and mental health needs via Tele-Health; behavioral intervention strategies in an era of a socially distanced campus; and meeting the mental health needs of Veterans on college campuses.  Learn more and register at www.nhcuc.org.

Bob Pettegrew, Chair, Board of Trustees of the Cathedral of the Pines joins us this weekend to share about Celebrating 75 Years at the Cathedral of the Pines!  Our program begins with a talk about Independence Day and what this day means to our country.  We will then talk about the history and how the Cathedral was started, the Hilltop House project, and the Cathedral’s 75th Anniversary.  The Cathedral of the Pines is a nationally recognized memorial dedicated to the memory and honor of all Americans who serve our nation in search of peace.  Please visit the Cathedral in Rindge, NH and on the web at https://www.cathedralofthepines.org/

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